13TH Century American Bourbon Whiskey
Batch #1
Date: 2/26/2017
One of the best bourbon whiskies I’ve ever had. Very smooth, a nice blend of a little sweetness but still you still get the flavor of the barrel. I strongly suggest this as straight sipping whiskey with a couple of rocks.

Jerod Jestice

Head Bartender, Citron Bistro, Denver, CO
13TH Century American Bourbon Whiskey
Batch #1
Date: 3/23/2017
As a bartender for well over a decade, I am truly impressed with this fine whiskey along with the ingredients to make this a perfect after dinner drink for any meal.

Zachary Sigl

Bartender, Citron Bistro, Denver, CO
13TH Century American Bourbon Whiskey
Batch #1
Appearance: great amber color with legs left on the glass. Aroma: nice sweet smell, with slight spiciness. Notes of toasted oak come through. Taste: enjoyable sweetness and mouthfeel, with an almost buttery profile. Notes of caramel and vanilla, as well as some spicy, earthy tones, like slight tobacco. Finish: nice long finish with a silky mouthfeel and subtle alcohol burn. The warming sensation is present when swallowed.

Tommy Skinner

Former Casino Manager - Isle Casino, Blackhawk, Colorado

13th Century Bourbon : A review by milehighbourbon.com

Colorado is becoming a terrific place for craft distilleries, and 13th Century is no exception to that. Before we start the review, let’s just take a second to really admire how beautiful the bottle is. With a blown whiskey still made into the bottle, we are probably going to use this a decanter in the future. The craftsmanship is terrific, making this a truly unique and impressive bottle.
Aged in 30 Gallon Oak Casks
Batch #1 Bottle #54
40% ABV (80 Proof)

Color: Light Golden amber, copper in the sunset.

Nose: Lot’s of corn on this sip, very sweet, and soft without a lot of alcohol present. Some hints of baking spices, with earthy/leaf tones as well. Some tobacco leaves.

Palate: Very sweet, with a soft and creamy mid palate that goes into a nice lingering finish. Lots of baking spice that compliment the sweet flavors of corn and vanilla/brown sugar, and a very minimal alcohol burn. The earthy tones are still present, a very “fall” flavored earth with some darker spices as opposed to a bright “spring” earthy flavor.

With Water:

Nose: The baking spices fade a bit to the back behind the sweet notes, but the nose mostly remains unchanged.

Palate: The earthy notes really come out a bit more, some tobacco earthy tones and more of that “fall” flavor.

Angela: 87/100
Zach: 89/100
Overall: 88/100

This is a super smooth bourbon that drinks extremely easily. The baking spices compliment the sweet notes perfectly, making a layered sip that is very enjoyable. The bourbon is a great compliment to the beautiful bottle.
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